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fall gardening

Landscape - Fall Planting

FALL IS FABULOUS FOR MOST PLANTS There are several reasons why it is better to plant in fall. The most important is soil temperature. Roots grow best when the soil is warm, between 55 and 75 degrees F. A fall-installed tree, shrub or perennial receives several weeks of vigorous root growth to ready itself for winter and for years of healthy growth.

September and October provide ideal temperatures to get perennial plants off to a good start. read more

Preparing Your Vegetable Garden

For many gardeners, summer is peak vegetable gardening season. The warm weather and long days are needed to coax tomatoes, peppers, and other heat lovers into ripeness. But fall has some qualities that make it extremely favorable for crops that prefer cooler temperatures or wetter conditions. In fact, in some areas it the best season for growing vegetables. read more

Five Key Steps for Planting Trees & Shrubs Like the Pros

While you can plant trees and shrubs any time of year, fall is the ideal season. It’s the time of year I always reserve for any serious planting project. Environmentally, it’s the best of both worlds. The air is cool for less stress above ground, and the soil is still warm to promote root growth below.

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