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9 Plants You Should Grow To Fight Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites are annoying. Many even get irritated or allergic to them. Summer is coming. You should get some “tools” on hand to rebel mosquitoes. Pet-fighting plants are then recommended. Some are grown in your garden (or backyard) while some can definitely be planted indoors. I grow peppermint in a small pot at my office. And it actually works. And, this post is about 9 plants you should grow to fight mosquitoes (and flies). If you are finding an easy yet effective method to prevent mosquito bites, these are right up your street. As a gardening lover, I give these plants an absolute yes. Peppermint, for instance, is such a powerful herb. It’s great to be added in refreshing drinks. Many summer cocktail would be incomplete with it.

1. Sweet Basil (place inside near a window or outdoors in a flower bed) 2. Lavender (not only prevent bugs but also keep you sleeping well) 3. Chrysanthemums (place in vegetable garden) 4. Petunias (place outside with sunlight or inside the house)

5. Peppermint (perfect to prevent mosquitos, flies and spiders)

6. Catnip (place inside your home or in your yard)

8. Citronella (a popular ingredient to make insect repellant and candles)

9. Lemongrass (great to grow in your yard and in a flower bed)


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