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Creative Garden & Landscape ideas #1

source: Backyard Boss

When it comes to landscaping designs, there are so many great ideas out there to choose from. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind before starting a landscaping project is the size of the area you plan on landscaping.

Do you have a very large yard or a small side garden? Do you own a home or are you renting an apartment? Whatever the size of the yard space you’re going to landscape, there are plenty of ideas here to get you started on the path to your dream garden!


Utilize your outside space by adding a greenhouse into the mix. Whether you have room for a large greenhouse, or need to stick to a smaller one, a greenhouse can house all kinds of different plants you may not necessarily want out in the open. This is also a great way to make your outdoor space more elegant. Get creative with your greenhouse – add little lights around the inside or outside and add some completely unique plants you think most people haven’t seen anywhere else.


Make your oasis unique in creating an interesting covered path. Although technically it shouldn’t be considered a covered path, the pathway is marked by an interesting structure above it. It’d be great to add little lights to this kind of yard feature to make the pathway sparkle at night. It’d also be an easy addition to decorations if you’re hosting an event. If you have creeping vines or ferns growing in your plot, utilize a structure like this to have the plant start to grow onto it. This would create an all-natural covered pathway.


Create your own edible oasis that doubles in beauty and sustainability. Backyard gardens are highly popular right now and they are definitely a trend that is here to stay. Imagine a garden overflowing with color. Vegetables in general are colorful, but by adding fresh herbs and plants you can literally create a kaleidoscope of edible color. Deep greens, vibrant reds and bright yellows are just some of the colors you can see in your own edible garden landscape. Make sure you plant your plot seeds accordingly, however, as certain fruits and vegetables need specific times to be harvested.

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