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Baby Carrots

Baby Carrots

Chefs adore petite vegetables, and now you can recreate your favorite 5-star, farm-to-table meals at home! Crispy Crunch baby carrots look adorable as an appetizer or side dish. Don’t let their small size fool you—you’ll love the big flavor packed into their slender roots.

Cinnamon Basil

Cinnamon Basil

Smaller than Sweet Basil, this narrower-leafed variety is known for its darker color and spicy, cinnamon-like aroma and taste. Has distinctive cinnamon-colored stems. Great for containers. Goes beautifully with fruit, or in Asian or Indian dishes.

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Baby Beets

Baby Beets

A perfectly petite baby beet that’s packed with fabulous flavor! Unlike full-sized beets harvested young, these baby beets fully form early, with smooth skin, a uniform, round shape, and a small taproot. Juicy, earthy, and delicious, baby beets look lovely on the plate. Just like the beautiful. Your homegrown meals will be on-trend with these adorable, tasty baby beets!

Tumber Tomato

Tastiest Tumber Tomato

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk onto your balcony or step just outside your kitchen door and harvest delicious, sweet cherry tomatoes for dinner? Now you can! Ideal for small spaces, like hanging baskets or containers, Tastiest Tumbler produces loads of sweet, juicy treats on short vines. You’ll love the rich flavor of the bright red fruits, and you’ll adore the convenience of growing tomatoes in small, sunny spaces right by your kitchen.

Purple Kale

Who knew that something so good for you could be beautiful, too? Purple Kale’s rich color and ornate, ruffled leaves make it a pretty addition to containers and garden beds. Pair it with cool season flowers, like violas, to create an interesting edible landscape. Sweeter and less bitter than traditional green kale, you’ll love how cool weather enhances purple kale’s flavor, texture, and color. Use this tasty, vitamin-packed super food in soups, bowls, salads, and your favorite recipes.



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