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Fragrant Plants Throughout the Year

I don’t think I appreciated the value of landscape fragrance until the last few years in my garden. I was delighted a few weeks ago when I discovered, by nose alone, a newly blooming shrub. Here is a list of fragrant plants that do well locally, in approximate order of blooming:


Fragrant wintersweet – Chimonanthus praecox Winter honeysuckleLonicera fragrantissima Paperbush – Edgeworthia papyrifera and Edgeworthia chrysantha Tea olive – Osmanthus fragrans


Daphne – Daphne odora PaperbushEdgeworthia papyrifera and Edgeworthia chrysantha

March – April

Koreanspice viburnum – Viburnum carlesii Coastal flame azalea – Rhododendron austrinum Piedmont azalea – Rhododendron canescens Alabama azalea – Rhododendron alabamense Lily of the valleyConvallaria majalis Sweetshrub – Calycanthus florida Banana shrub – Magnolia figo (Michelia figo)


Confederate jasmine – Trachelospermum jasminoides RoseRosa various varieties

Gardenia jasminoides

June – July

Moonflower vineIpomea alba

Southern magnolia – Magnolia grandiflora

Sweetbay magnolia – Magnolia virginiana Ipomea alba Stargazer lily – Lilium x ‘Stargazer’ Flowering tobacco – Nicotiana alata Summersweet azalea – Rhododendron viscosum Ginger lily – Hedychium coronarium Four o’clock – Mirabilis jalapa


Eleagnus – Elaeagnus umbellata Tea oliveOsmanthus fragrans


Sweet autumn clematis – Clematis maximowicziana


Tea olive – Osmanthus fragrans (repeat bloom)


paperbush (edgeworthia)


‘Stargazer’ lily

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