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Happy Bee Valley


Our raw honey is all brought in by our bees inside of a 15 mile radius of Southern Roots Nursery.  Two of the hives are busy bringing in pollen from the nursery itself.  We extract once a year and never heat or mix our honey in any way.  It is true to what we harvest straight from the hives and is treatment free.   It is a great asset to have during allergy season.  Just take a spoonful a day.  A tsp. of honey with a tsp. of apple cider along with water will give you a boost of energy after working in the garden and be good for your stomach as well. Enjoy!

Judith's Bee Cream:

The beeswax in my cream is solely taken from our hives which are treatment free.  Quality olive oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E, boric acid, as well as essential oils for the wonderful lemon grass scent complete the cream. Raw beeswax heals and softens skin, and is an antibacterial agent. It can help fight conditions like acne, dry skin, eczema, and stretch marks. Personally I use it on my face every morning for the past 5 years and my skin has become very soft.  My family, friends, extended family and I have become our best customers and it is with great pleasure and dedication that I share it with you.

Thank you,



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