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January Garden to-do-list


parsley handles light frost

Many a Northerner would rather be in the Southeast in January. But that does not mean gardeners in the Southeast can totally let their guards down. Sudden temperatures drops do occasionally occur.

  • Shelter tender plants with row covers when temperatures take a dip.

  • Continue to add compost to the garden.

  • Finish pruning wisteria, starting with the longest vines.

Tune up the mower

Now is a great time to drain and replace the oil in your mower and to have the blade sharpened or to replace it completely.

Southern Roots offers sharpening services, just bring your blades by during regular hours.

Prune your trees

It is easy to see the limb structure of trees now. Tie ribbon around the ones you think should be removed then step back for another look before cutting them off.

Cut back kudzu and bamboo

Chop unwanted kudzu, English ivy and bamboo to the ground. Follow with weedkiller on the leaves in April.

Water pansies

Water pansies and ornamental kale after a hard freeze so they can re-hydrate their wilted leaves. Remember to regularly water window boxes and other outside plant containers.

Prune your fruit trees

Prune apple and pear trees and grape vines.

Start planning your garden!



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