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Limelight Hydrangea

Source: Proven WInners

The myth, the legend, the plant: 'Limelight' hydrangea. This unique panicle hydrangea revolutionized landscaping across North America. Huge, football-shaped flowers open in an elegant celadon green that looks fresh and clean in summer's heat. The blooms age to an array of pink, red, and burgundy which persists through frost for months of irresistible flowers. You can use 'Limelight' hydrangea just about any way you can imagine: as a showy flowering hedge, to screen off air conditioners, as an attention-getting specimen, in containers, flower gardens, or anywhere around your home. A long-time favorite of professional florists, it also makes an excellent cut flower, fresh or dried. Top three reasons to grow 'Limelight' hydrangea: - It's a time-tested classic that graces the yards of thousands of homes across North America - Large flowers have a unique color that looks great with any style and color of house. - Blooms every year, even in cold climates - winter doesn't faze it at all.

Award Winner

Long Blooming

Fall Interest

Drought Tolerant


Light Requirement: Part Sun to Sun Sun Maintenance Category: Easy Blooms On: New Wood Bloom Time: Late Summer Early Fall Mid Fall Late Fall

Maintenance Notes:

This extremely durable, long-lived plant is easy to grow. It likes full sun in cold climates, afternoon shade in warmer ones, but it does require well-drained soils that do not remain soggy for any amount of time.

To prune, simply cut back by one-third its total height every spring. If you wish, you can apply a granular fertilizer formulated for woody plants (like a rose fertilizer) at that time as well.


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